Welcome to iDEMOPAGE.com

Hello, my name is ED. It is a pleasure to welcome you to my website, www.iDEMOPAGE.com.

As the name implies, this website was conceptualized to help learners acquire knowledge and skills thru demonstrations and step-by-step tutorials.  We specialize on WEB DESIGN, WEB DEVELOPMENT, E-COMMERCE, GRAPHICS DESIGN, BLOGGING and everything that we can demonstrate to help you learn.

Learning alone is expensive! This is the lesson I have learned after so many years of reading and understanding lines of codes in web development.  This motivated me to come up with this website so we can help learners learn the fast and easy way.  While it is true that learning alone gives you freedom and flexibility, and you don’t bother to pay for tuition fees, training fees or tutorial fees, learning alone is still way more expensive than paying someone to guide you.  Let me explain why I think this way.

I started learning the basic frame of the web by myself. I spent sleepless nights in reading books and websites and watching video tutorials about web development.  I did not pay any single cent for a training fee!  But you know what, It took me years and years before I was able to create a professional website.  Why?  Because I learned without any direction.  There are countless codes that are used in creating websites and programs. However, there are those basic ones that can make the work done without using the other ones.  So while I have learned many codes, some others I do not use at all!

So, with this website, I can help interested learners learn the more important codes and show them shortcuts to accomplish things fast and easy.  I hope you will find our materials interesting and helpful. So, lets get started!